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Do You Need Help With Elderly Care?

Sometimes an elder’s need for help is sudden and obvious. More often, though, it becomes apparent gradually, experts say. So how will you know? Watch for changes in your loved one’s behavior, such as ignoring favorite hobbies, missing dates with friends, or forgetting to pay bills. Not every change means danger, but when a shift happens, it’s important to understand why, says Claudia Fine, an executive at SeniorBridge, a geriatric-care management company. So snoop, Fine advises. Tag along to your loved one’s doctors’ appointments and ask questions.

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Providing the Best Care For Seniors

If your loved one needs support getting dressed, they can still choose what to wear. Open wardrobes allow all clothes to be visible. This allows your loved one to see their options and make choices. If you don’t have an open wardrobe, present a few choices for your loved one to choose from. Do the same for other personal items. Make sure your loved one can see or easily access things such as jewelry, money, and other items they like to have on hand.

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