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Choices, Choices: Home Health Care vs. Nursing Facilities

When you have a loved one that has taken ill or has been diagnosed with a disease that makes it hard for them to take care of themselves, it becomes a very hard time for the family to decide what is the best choice to make sure their family member has all the proper care that they need to thrive. This huge decision may be something that is impossible to incorporate into your already busy lifestyle. One of your first questions may be, “Is home health care or nursing home care best for my loved one?” These are two great options

Home health care has many advantages. These are companies of skilled workers that can come into the house and assist your loved one. There are many levels and options available depending on your need.

  • Caregivers can help the patient with the normal hygiene needs of everyday life, such as showering and toileting. These workers will also help the patient with eating and getting dresses as well as any other basic need cares the patient may require.
  •  Home health can also provide workers that will take care of all household needs, such as cleaning and cooking. They can even go grocery shopping and run other basic errands you may have so that you can spend more time with the patient.
  • There are some registered nurses that can come into the home and provide wound care and all medications needs as well. These are all great options for those who prefer to keep their loved one at home.
  •  Caregivers are even available for travel visits such as hospital stays or vacations to ensure your loved one is take care of even away from the home.
  • Home health care allows  more time spent with family and allows your loved one their independence.

Nursing homes are often viewed as a last resort, used for those who have a terminal illness or physical ailment. This is not the only case though, as nursing homes are open to accepting all types of patients with different needs.

  • This can be a more cost effective choices.
  • The patient will have a group of nurses and doctors available at all times to make sure all their needs are met.
  • Nursing homes even allow the patient to bring personal items from home, making it seem less like a hospital to them and more comfortable.
  • Patient may socialize with others their age or with similar needs and meet new people.

When comparing home health care to nursing home care, you will see that this is just a personal preference on what fits best into your lifestyle and your loved ones needs.  Do the research and make the most informed decision that you can to benefit everyone.