We help make those final days comfortable.
Hospice care is best at home. When a loved one reaches the stage where curative treatment is no longer possible, a Home Care Assistance caregiver can improve their end-of-life experience and help keep them in the familiar home environment. By providing continuous, one-on-one care at home, our skilled caregivers provide comfort and companionship, ensure optimal comfort and help promote dignity at this final stage of life — all while bringing peace of mind and respite for the family.

Keeping the Individual Comfortable
One-on-one companionship in the familiar environment of the home helps bring essential comfort and peace to an individual on hospice.

Turning the Bedridden to Prevent Bed Sores
In the final days of life, close attention to personal care is of utmost importance. Our caregivers will turn clients frequently to minimize bed sores and make sure they are as comfortable as possible at the end-of-life.

Providing Companionship
Simply having someone there with your loved one around-the-clock, or on an as-needed basis, provides much needed comfort and compassion.

Preparing Meals
At the end-of-life, it’s common that one’s appetite will decrease, so it’s important to maintain the nutritional value of the food your loved one will consume. Our caregivers are trained to prepare healthy meals based on our hospice client’s needs and preferences.

Maintaining Personal Hygiene
We are committed to a dignified hospice experience in which we help our clients stay clean, groomed and maintain their hygiene.

Mediating Depression
Hospice patients can often feel become depressed or even experience feelings of abandonment by loved ones. Our caregivers know how to provide the emotional support needed at this time.

Providing Status Updates
Our caregivers support the hospice agency or workers by providing status updates on the client’s condition. Our Care Team then communicates these updates to the family members.

Support for the Family After Their Loved One Passes
Our caregivers and care team are experienced in providing appropriate support and resources to families after their loved one passes.

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