Parkinson’s Care

We’ve partnered with the Parkinson’s Foundation which has allowed us to incorporate the latest research into our customized care plans for clients living with this disease. This partnership gives us access to cutting-edge breakthroughs in medication and treatments, which we’re able to then communicate to our clients.


Senior & Elderly Care

Having senior and elderly care in their household can lessen stress for family members and provide essential support for the senior. Home care can also be a key part of the recovery process resulting from an illness or injury. Home care provides the support your loved one needs and the peace of mind you deserve.


Stroke Care

A stroke can be an extremely challenging medical event to cope with and recover from; patients must simultaneously overcome physical, cognitive and emotional challenges and many stroke survivors report frustrations with the recovery process. In-home care can help ensure a successful recovery at home to maximize long-term independence.


Cancer Care

During treatment or recovery at home, Home Care Assistance makes life easier for people fighting cancer. We offer a wide range of highly skilled caregivers who are available immediately to support these clients and their families.


Hospice Care

Hospice care is best at home. When a loved one reaches the stage where curative treatment is no longer possible, a Home Care Assistance caregiver can improve their end-of-life experience and help keep them in the familiar home environment.


Special Needs Care

Our special needs care is focused on meeting the needs of individuals with a condition or circumstance that interferes with normal activities of daily living, all while optimizing their independence and quality of life.


Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

As symptoms progress, individuals will require increasing care resulting in around-the-clock safety monitoring and support with lifestyle and household activities. As leaders in brain health, we understand the unique needs of those with dementia and our caregivers receive comprehensive training in all levels of care.

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