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USA Today’s tips on Home Health Care

As there is a growing demand for home health care, this USA Today article offers key tips for navigating one of the nation’s fastest-growing job forces.

In 2012 alone, approximately 4.7 million people in the U.S. received a form of long-term care in their homes, notes USA Today.

  • Linda Fodrini-Johnson, the founder and executive director of Eldercare Services states ” Look for a licensed care agency that has at least five years’ experience and meets all the state’s licensing laws.” And, she says, “Be sure they have a clear agreement for services to sign before starting services.”
  • Make sure you have calculated all your options for paying for this care. She also recommends checking your long-term insurance restrictions on home health care.
  • Determine the appropriate person to coordinate care on your behalf.


Read the USA Today article.

Perks of Home Health Care!

When your loved one takes ill, or develops a disease that is hard to deal with on your own, it is time for you and your loved one to make the decision about getting outside help. A great option that helps keep your loved one near, is to engage in the assistance of home health care. What can home health care provide? Mainly it is a skilled assistant that comes into the home, and helps with the care and nurturing of your struggling loved one. Although it may be hard to admit that you need help in this hard time, it will be very beneficial for all when there is less stress, and you get more one on one interaction time with them versus just assisting them with daily tasks.

What can home health care provide? There are a lot of services that are available to help you in all aspects of care. There are companion services to start. In this type of service, a skilled worker will come to the home and help with supervising the patient as they live their day to day life. This is essential to make sure that they have less risk of injuring themselves, or to prevent them wandering off. They can also play games and visit with the patient, keeping them happy and content as you complete other tasks that cannot be ignored.

Personal care services are another aspect of home health care. This is where the assistant comes in to help more with ADL’s . or activities of daily living. These are things like bathing, eating, showering, and getting dressed. They also assist in toileting, exercising, and any other ADL’s, such as shaving and brushing teeth. They can also help those who just need some assistance, to get these tasks done right and in a timely fashion.

It’s actually not all about the patient. There are homemaker services as well that can be utilized. These skilled workers can come into the home and do all the housework that is needed to be done. They can also run errands, such as grocery shop and run to the bank. They will even prepare meals and make some in advance for quick heating. This is a great choice who want to be the sole caretaker for their sick loved one, letting others take care of the normal household chores.

There are a lot of options here that lets you know a little more about what home health care can provide to you. This will help you to make a more informed decision and do what is best for you and your loved one. Although this is never an easy time, with the help of these skilled workers, it can be a more relaxed time.

What to look For When Hiring Home Health Care

Hiring someone to provide home health care is a situation that should involve every member of the family. If possible, it should involve the individual that will be receiving the care more than anyone else, as they will have to work with this individual on a daily basis. Ideally, the person or people that are hired should be individuals that the entire family can agree upon. It should fit well from a financial standpoint and they should be able to provide for the needs of the patient and develop a relationship with that individual which makes the entire process more enjoyable.
It is important to remember that it is a huge adjustment for someone who needs home health care to get used to having strangers inside their home. In addition to the fact that the individual is likely feeling frustrated and fairly insecure about their particular situation regarding their health, having to deal with a stranger in the home does not help things.

  1. It is important that the first step in hiring a home health professional be that the individual be able to develop a relationship with the person they are caring for. It is essential that some type of common ground be found before anything can move forward. This is the foundation that everything else should be built on and if it does not exist, everything else will undoubtedly crumble in time.
  2. In addition, the needs of the patient must be considered when hiring home health professionals. Different patients have different needs. Some patients need only basic help with some housekeeping while others need full care. This will be a major factor in deciding which type of home health professional needs to be hired. In addition, it is vitally important that only professionals be hired that have the medical qualifications necessary to adequately take care of someone who needs full care. Depending on the patient’s medical condition, it may be necessary to hire someone that is also a licensed nurse as opposed to hiring a home health professional who does not carry those credentials.
  3. Finally, cost is a major factor. Home health professionals come from all walks of life and as such, they charge a wide array of different prices. While it is important to settle on something that can be afforded, it is also important to remember that this concerns the health of a loved one. In the end, there is no amount of money that can be more important than an individual’s personal health. As a result, it is essential to hire someone who has the qualifications needed to adequately care for the individual in question.

By following these steps, it is possible to make a situation that is undoubtedly unpleasant as easy as possible. In time, having a home health professional will likely have tremendous advantages. It is important to follow the guidelines listed herein and take the time to find the right individual or even the right group of individuals to adequately care for your loved one.